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ABB completes acquisition of DTN weather routing business for shipping

ABB Marine & Ports has finalized its acquisition of DTN’s portfolio for weather routing in shipping. The transaction was completed today, following an earlier announcement of an agreement with global data and analytics group DTN to acquire the shipping business of DTN Europe BV and DTN Philippines Inc., on January 24, 2024.

31. december 2024



Continuing ABB’s investment in marine digitalization to serve the efficiency and decarbonization needs of ship owners and operators, the acquisition brings with it advanced routing services. The ABB Marine & Ports team also adds approximately 85 new employees, most of whom are based in the Netherlands and the Phillippines.

“We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues onboard ABB,” said Juha Koskela, Division President, ABB Marine & Ports. “The new software and services fit well into our portfolio and further strengthen our focus on supporting the marine industry’s digitalization. The acquisition complements our capabilities to serve our existing and future customers.”

Completion of the transaction establishes ABB as one of the leading providers of route optimization solutions which help ships optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. The acquired portfolio includes a selection of digital solutions that are brought under the ABB Ability™ portfolio of digital solution1 as Routing Services.

The new additions include the ABB Ability™ SPOS - Ship Performance Optimization System, ABB Ability™ Routeguard - Onshore Routing Service, and ABB Ability™ Fleetguard - Vessel and Weather Monitoring. Additionally, the vessel and weather monitoring application programming interfaces (APIs) previously developed by DTN are part of the transaction.

“We are proud of the talent and expertise of our new colleagues and look forward to including them in our organization. With this acquisition, ABB Marine & Ports becomes an even stronger driving force in marine digitalization,” commented Osku Kälkäjä, Head of Digital Business, ABB Marine & Ports.

The acquisition also creates synergies with ABB’s existing digital portfolio, in particular with the ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS – Marine Advisory System. DTN and ABB have already been collaborating for over 20 years to develop SPOS Seakeeping, which allows OCTOPUS to deliver analytics based on wave measurements, weather forecasts, navigation data, ship characteristics, loading conditions and motion sensor measurements. The combination supports voyage planning which can take into account individual vessel responses and resonances.

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1 https://global.abb/topic/ability/en


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