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Gas Storage Denmark A/S

21/05588 - Flooding/debrining string for recompletion of To-7 at Lille Torup

Gas Storage Denmark A/S

Gas Storage Denmark A/S (GSD) owns and operates Denmark’s two underground gas storage facilities, which are located in Stenlille in the central part of Zealand (aquifer storage facility) and in Lille Torup in northern Jutland (salt cavern facility).

GSD plans to execute the recompletion of cavern Lille Torup 7 (To-7), which is currently brine filled. After installation of a new completion, a debrining / flooding string is required to perform the gas first fill.

The scope of delivery is comprised of:
• 4 ½ʺ tubing, 12.75 lbs/ft, J55, length range 3 in accordance to API Spec. 5CT, last edition,
• TPS Multiseal TS-8-TR gastight premium connection or equivalent standard,
• internal coating VECTO TK 216,
• total length: 3,500 m (current estimate, which may be qualified further during the tender process).
• Pup joints (Pin x Box) of the following length(s): 1.00 m, 1.50 m, 2.00 m, 3.00 m, Quantity 2 each
• Pup joint (pin x pin), length 2.00 m, Quantity 2
• Related documentation
Annonceret 6. september 2021 00:00:00 CEST
Deadline 17. september 2021 12:00:00 CEST
Udbudstype Mindre danske udbud
Opgavetype Varekøb
Udbudsform Andet
CPV kode 44161100, 44162000, 44163000
Myndighedstype Andet

Dokumenter & materiale

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The Contracting Authority will prequalify the 3 applicants who are evaluated as most qualified for the specific tender. Only these applicants will be invited to submit a tender. The selection of the applicants will be based on the submitted references. That is to which extend the reference(s) are similar to the tender assignment as described. Accordingly, the number of references will not be the determining factor alone, but more importantly to which degree the specific forwarded references are comparable and relevant to the tendered assignment regarding solution and scope.

For the prequalification the applicant must via the EU-supply system submit the below stated:

General information
The applicant should submit a short general description of the applying company, including VAT-number and contact information for the contact person (phone number, e-mail and address).

If the applying entity wishes to rely on the capacity of other entities regarding either “Economic and financial capability” or “Technical capability” it shall provide documentation to the contracting authority that those resources will be available to it by delivering a commitment by those entities to that effect.

The Contracting Authority reserves the right to request the applicant to supplement, specify or complete the information submitted.

Economic and financial capability
The applicant should submit the latest audited annual report for the applying company including the following economic indicators:
• Equity (total equity incl. share capital, reserves, revaluation, retained earning etc.)
• Equity ratio (equity/total assets)

The following minimum requirement must be fulfilled:

• Equity must be at least 25.000 Euro
• Equity ratio must be at least 20 pct.
o If the equity ratio is between 15 pct. and 20 pct. the supplier can qualify if Equity exceeds 100.000 Euro.

The Contracting Authority reserves the right to request the applicant to supplement, specify or complete the information submitted.

Technical capability
The applicant must submit a reference list of the most similar and relevant references completed within the last 5 years. The references should include name of client, time of delivery, place of delivery and application of the product and a description of the delivered product.

The applicant should only submit 5 references. If more than 5 references are submitted only the first 5 will be part of the evaluation.

The Contracting Authority reserves the right to request the applicant to supplement, specify or complete the information submitted.

Lodging of appeal
Appeals concerning this tender must be lodged with the Danish Complaints Board for Public
Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud) within the deadlines stated in the Act on the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement (klagenævnsloven), cf. section 7 of the Act on the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Act No. 593 of 02/06/2016).

Web-site: https://naevneneshus.dk/start-din-klage/klagenaevnet-for-udbud/

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Navn Kirsten Ebstrup
Telefon +45 70102244
E-mail procurement@energinet.dk


Navn Gas Storage Denmark A/S
Adresse Tonne Kjærsvej 65
7000 Fredericia
Telefon +45 70102244
E-mail procurement@energinet.dk
WWW https://eu.eu-supply.com/ctm/supplier/publictenders?B=ENERGINET

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