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22.10.2018 Kl. 10:00


Metroselskabet I/S

Method study for railway overbuild at Ny Ellebjerg

Metroselskabet I/S

Opgavebeskrivelse October 2016 the Owners of Metroselskabet decided to relocate the planned metro station at Ny Ellebjerg to a position underground north of the S-train tracks and to study the possibilities for development of housing, office and retail above the railway tracks.

The intentions behind the change were to create better facilities for passengers changing between existing lines at Ny Ellebjerg, as well as better optional facility to continue the metro line towards Hvidovre and Bispebjerg.

The method study is intended to illustrate generic construction method solutions for the specific site at Ny Ellebjerg. The generic solutions will, with a view to opportunity, railway impact, costs and time, be applied in the further planning of the over site development.

More information is available in the Tender Document “Project and Work Description”.
Annonceret 1. oktober 2018 17:00:00 CEST
Deadline 22. oktober 2018 10:00:00 CEST
Udbudstype Mindre danske udbud
Opgavetype Tjenesteydelser
Udbudsform Begrænset udbud
CPV kode 71000000, 71300000, 71530000
Myndighedstype Andet
Skønnet kontraktsum 1 200 000,00

Dokumenter & materiale

Link til udbudsmateriale https://app.byggeprojekt.dk/public/1407-Method_study_for_railway_overbuild

Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

Tildelingskriterier Økonomisk mest fordelagtige bud
Uddybning af tildelingskriterier The fee for the consultancy services put out to tender is a fixed price of DKK 1,200,000.-, why the competition will be a matter of the best technical proposal.

The tender to be submitted by the Tenderer shall consist of the following deliverables related to the solution of the task put out to tender:
• Method statement and planned deliverables for area A
• Method statement and planned deliverables for area B
• Method statement and planned deliverables for area C

Area A, B and C is defined in the Tender Document "Project and Work Description".

The award criteria is further described in the Tender Document "Instructions to Tenderers".
Udvælgelseskriterier Getting the possibility to be selected as a Tenderer an application for prequalification must be uploaded to www.byggeprojekt.dk.

Access to www.byggeprojekt.dk can be achieved via the link above. At www.byggeprojekt.dk in the folder "Tender Documents" for now published Tender Documents are available.

An application shall contain the following:
- cover letter with information on the applicant, a contact person and e-mail and phone number for the contact person
- selected references (maximum 5) documenting solid experience with tasks similar to the task put out for tender. Each reference shall contain information on: Client, Clients Contact Person, Date of start and finish, Size of the project (fee and/or area), Role of the applicant, Applicants Key Persons involved.
- short description of the team, which the applicant will offer to solve the task
- CV's for the key personnel in the team (maximum 3 CV's)
- declaration on debt
- declaration on exclusion

Templates for the declarations are available at www.byggeprojekt.dk after registration.

Metroselskabet will select a maximum of 4 Tenderers. The Tenderers will be selected among the applicants fulfilling the minimum requirement stated below and based on an overall assessment of how to achieve the optimal competition. The assessment will be based on the references, the team and the CV's.

It is a minimum requirement that the Applicant demonstrates solid experience with tasks similar to the task put out for tender and further that one or more of the key personnel mentioned above have been part of solving the task described in the submitted references.


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